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Ms. Maria Alongi

Dante School Choir and Music Club

The Dante School Choir was formed in 2006 under the direction of Ms. Maria Alongi.  The Dante School Choir is composed of 45 school children ages nine to eleven who are chosen by means of a rigorous audition. The Choir has  held many concerts and appeared at many festivals and events.  Its repertoire is a combination of classical, folk, modern and original compositions and compilations created by our own Musical Director.

Major highlights include a live radio broadcast on CFMB radio, the Brain Wave Junior Gala and CFCF 12's the Spirit of Giving.  Each year, the choir takes part in the EMSB Music Festival.  This year the choir has been invited to record and sing back-up vocals for the opening theme song of Superfantastico (Italian version of Canadian Idol) at Place des Arts.

Under the direction of Ms. Maria Alongi, the Dante Music Club consists of 30 talented young children and it strives to provide the members with an enriching to further develop their talent.  The children showcase their recorder skills, and also gain experience in a second instrument of their choice.

Rehearsals are weekly and they also perform at most school functions and events.

Dedicated singers and musicians, these children continue to take pride in their accomplishments and in their school by singing and playing  in harmony and by integrating music rehearsals in their weekly routines.  Together, they create melodious sounds throughout our school.


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